Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shourya and Subhankar

In this post, I’ll just give you an extract from my diary (rewritten), of our last school day of class 10. I think it will be enough to describe these two characters.

I’ve changed the names of the girls to ensure our safety. And ya, it’s painfully long. ^_^’

11:20pm, 10th December 2008

Dear Diary,

Today was perhaps my last normal school day in Vivekananda Mission School. Most probably I’ll complete my plus 2 somewhere else.*

It was sort of a surprise for us. 10 minutes before the final bell, coordinator sister entered and announced- “Students, today is your final day before the pre-finals. Study well.” She left ignoring the roar of protest from our side. The sudden termination of school was to catch students off-guard, so that there won’t be any crackers and drinks for the last burst of celebration.

It was a morose weather outside. The final, faint glow of the winter dusk was about to disappear. On top of that everyone was in tears, boys and girls alike. In such an environment, one can’t help feeling gloomy. Shourya, Subhankar, and I stood away from the main crowd, waiting for Moumita. I wasn’t enjoying the situation. Boys look really ugly while crying. On top of that, the girls hugged almost all the boys except the three of us. Yes, we are losers when it comes to attracting female attention.****

Till yesterday, I’ve written mostly about myself. Today let me introduce my two companions to you. Shourya and Subhankar are my best pals in VMS.

I met Shourya in class 8, at English tuition. We became friends discussing about DBZ. He’s studious, and absolutely crazy about girls. He’s been in love with Priyanka since class 5, but has been flirting around a lot nevertheless (he has proposed 12 girls till date). Subhankar was one of my first VMS friends. But the friendship grew strong only recently. He is a guy of depth, often found deep in thought, with a serious look on his face. Both of us love Linkin Park, and we spend most of the periods singing their songs in class. But that ends today I guess...

Failure in love is another thing that unites us. Subhankar is devoted to a girl, Bipasha. Today he tried to talk to her while leaving, at the main gate.

Subhankar: I just want to say one last thing....
Bipasha (interrupting): I don’t want to listen.
Subhankar: Bye.

After that was my turn. Like I said, we were waiting for Moumita. The crush has lasted nearly two weeks. Ever since I saw her for the first time (at the school picnic at Raichak, on 28th November), she’s been on my mind. Today is probably the last day I’m seeing her***, so I have made up my mind to at least say a “Hi” to her.

Finally after about 10 minutes I caught sight of her. She was with another guy. She was beautiful, and I let her pass forgetting my plans for “Hi”. Gosh, she didn’t even know I existed. But something about this incident cheered me up. Shourya and Subhankar seemed to be lamenting at my timidity more than myself.

“Let’s go home”, I said happily, much to their surprise. We returned home in my car.

Today was definitely one of my best days in school, and, in a way, one of the saddest ones too. People, who bunked school today, would be sorry for quite some time.

A poem written by Shourya for Priyanka:

“Haso aur itna haso
Ki rona mushkil ho jaye,
Jeeo aur itna jeeo
Ki marna mushkil ho jaye,
Pyar karo, par itna bhi mat karo
Ki bhulna mushkil ho jaye”

He’s kinda good at Hindi shairis and all. I suck at them.

It suddenly struck me today that ICSE** is less than three months away. And I haven’t even started preparing. Now that I think about it, I should start right away. So bye!

Yours, Ricker J.


*07/04/09- It turns out that I’ll continue in VMS. Subhankar got admitted in G.D.Birla, and Shourya will probably remain in VMS.

**26/05/09- ICSE result was great! :)
Subhankar - 89.8%
Shourya - 94.2%
And, Me - 96.2%

***26/05/09- I get to see her now and then. She’s kinda boring. Yes, I’m over her. ^_^

****21/06/10- We’re not quite losers anymore. Recently Shourya got into shape and looks handsome. And so, he’s grown pretty popular among girls. I can impress girls if I try, but I’m rather bored with them these days. I’m not sure about Subhankar though, but it seems like he hasn’t learned the trick yet. -_-


  1. wo..... its awsme... i stl remember tan shayari....lolz

  2. @shourya & subhankar: i think u r the luckiest persons on this world....bcoz u have a great frnd like riju.

    @riju: nicely written.....and hats off to u.....!! today i really understood the meaning of the proverb "the pen is mightier than the sword"

  3. Subhankar here is the Subhankar,my friend??? Looks like it! Nicely written Riju..:) Makes me kinda...nostalgic..of the good times I spent with three of my friends..four of us in four different sections now,with four different streams..some days to go,and then four of us in four different colleges, universities, workplaces,men..four different lives..I hate separations!