Monday, June 28, 2010

Nocturnal tears

Late night showers always bring along a sensation of loneliness, so terribly painful, and yet so addicting. A solitary room and a window is all you need.

But she notices. She notices me gazing intently at her nocturnal tears. Probably out of embarrassment she breathes foggy raindrops onto the glass. The outer world slowly fades away, and I’m left with my own reflection facing me. Thus concealing herself she weeps on, while I see only a pair of dry eyes staring back steadily.

Was she mocking me? Women have the power to shed tears, willingly or unwillingly. Men don’t. And it’s not always due to manly pride.

There have been several occasions when I’ve tried to cry (when alone of course), but in vain. I would have assumed that my tear glands are out of order had it not been for chopped onions, and open ammonia bottles in the lab.

It rains, clouds dissolve, and before long it’s morning and the sun is out again. It’s only then that she removes the watery curtain from my window, to reveal herself in her natural merry mood.

(Note: Since some dense people asked me who the weeping girl is in this post, let me tell you, I'm talking about Nature here, and no human being. Gawd!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sikha and Tina

“We are really boring you, right Riju?”

I looked up from my cell to see the three of them staring at me with pretended seriousness. I was at my cousin, Kornica’s place. She, two of her schoolmates, and I were sitting on a divan melting in the summer heat.
Till then, the trio was gossiping away to glory, while I was busy texting (yeah, I’m really rude).

“Absolutely not”, I lied.
“Okay, we are doing all the jabbering. Now you say something”, Tina said.

‘Now you say something’- that’s the best way to put a quiet person like me in a false situation.

“Umm…” I tried to think of a topic while they kept their large, expectant eyes fixed on me, as if children in a circus waiting for the monkey to perform. “How’s life?” Thirty secs, and that’s all I came up with. =|

“Ooh, life’s great! What about you? Can you dance?” – Sikha

What the hell! Where does dancing come from in here?

“No. I hate dancing.” – Me
“C’mon, show us some bhangra steps.” – Tina
“Yes yes, show us some.” – Kornica

I wondered how people would react if they found a Riju-shaped hole in the adjacent wall. [-_-]

“Sure, come back in 200 years.” – Me

The conversation followed smoothly after that. It wasn’t boring at all, like it is with most other girls. In fact, we bonded quite well. We exchanged numbers, talked about our love lives, school, and all other crap. The point is, they were successful in making me open my mouth.

Sikha is the more sarcastic one. Nice sense of humor. Cracking jokes all the time and an expert at putting on an innocent face by doing the puppy-eyes thing (her large eyes compliment the action). Tina is a little more sedate, having an accented Bengali, seemed to be a good observer and a person of some profundity.

One of them, I must say, is noticeably pretty. [Name withheld so that I don’t become a quarry of the other] The latter has decent looks as well. =)

Finally, after spending the day together, it was time to say goodbye.

“Do remember us” Tina said while leaving.
“I will” – Me

And this is my way of ensuring the fulfillment of the promise.