Saturday, May 8, 2010


There are very few people whose personalities I actually admire. And ya, Akash is one of them. Reasons:-

  • He is smart
  • Calm, not short-tempered
  • Careful observer
  • Humorous
  • Probably the only person who can digest my sarcasm and jokes (ok ok, they’re a bit harsh sometimes)

First meeting: Class 10, in maths class.

Class 11. Sourav sir changed my place (policy of divide and rule).

“Find a seat for yourself beside Akash”, he said.

“There’s only ONE seat beside him, sir” I would have liked to shout back.

Ok, so here’s a guy, with whom I’ve never conversed before, but whom I’ve known for almost 1 year. Apparently he seemed timid and quite. But soon… he he… sir had to change my place again. ^_^

Place change? Phuh! Even the section change in class 12 hardly bothered us. \m/

Most of the time we do nothing but fooling around. Here’s a sample.

Sms chat :-

Me: online aye

Akash: khachchi

Me: menu?

Akash: bhat, dal and chicken pieces

Me: yuck. Amio khacchi. Amar menu better

Akash: ki?

Me: fresh air. From my ceiling fan

Akash: I’m jealous

Me: dekhbi ar jolbi, ruti r moto fulbi (popular dialog by maths sir)

Akash: amar fan ta fresh air dey na. oke tor fan er bpare bol

Me: amar fan er toothpaste e namak ache

Akash: you’re like the breath of fresh air, you don’t move, you rotate… I love you…

Me: don’t try to woo my fan. She’s mine. Besides I can’t change her name to i10. I already did that with the living room fan.

Akash: khawa sesh. Online aschi

Did that make sense? No? That’s the point. :)

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